Prize Structure

2023 Mallow ’10’ Prizes

Prize Giving:
Prize giving for the top 3 ladies and men will take place at the finish line.

All other individual and category prizes winners will be contacted by email, post event with prizes being sent via electronic transfer.

Male & Female
1st €250 Cash prize each
2nd €200 Cash prize each
3rd €150 Cash prize each
4th €100 Cash prize each
5th €50 Cash prize each


Course bonus
€250 Euro if the Male or Female winner breaks the course record.

Martin Fagan 48:28 /// Michelle Finn 55:09
€250 Cash prize /// €250 Cash Prize


Category prizes

Female O35
1st O35
2nd O35
3rd O35

Male & Female
1st O40
2nd O40
3rd O40

Male & Female

1st O45
2nd O45
3rd O45

Male & Female

1st O50
2nd O50
3rd O50

Male & Female

1st O55
2nd O55
3rd O55

Male & Female

1st O60
2nd O60
3rd O60

Male & Female

1st O65
2nd O65
3rd O65

Male & Female

1st O70
2nd O70
3rd O70


1st  O75
2nd O75